Baby Berkley 4 Days New | Charlotte, NC Newborn Photographer

I am so happy I was able to photograph her before she was even a week old. She was sleeping pretty much the whole time and pretty much didn’t fuss at all.  OK, there may have been a fuss a time or two, but nothing we weren’t able to resolve quickly.;)

Ashley and Jared are two of my favorite people; so laid back, and up for anything. And I bet that is why, after over a week past her due date,  Berkley had to be told it was time to make her grand entrance. Yup, I am pretty sure she would have spent the remainder of October with her feet propped up on a proverbial ottoman, swishing back and forth as her mother continued to carry her.  But doctor said that isn’t allowed, and here she is: beautiful 4 days new Berkley.

You may also recognize the guitar idea from Ava’s Session.  Jared requested we try it since he plays the guitar as well.  Two times down, two times mission accomplished.  Both little girls must find it comforting to be resting against daddy and his instrument of choice.  I hope to see these girls grow up making beautiful music with their daddies and possibly hitting it big on American Idol!

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